Corporate policy - Our policy of quality, safety and natural environment

Recotech group aim to deliver products and services that fully meet customer expectations. Such a standard is reached by ongoing work on improvements focused on the customer's needs, committed leadership work, employee engagement and satisfaction, and streamlining business processes.

It is therefore important that;

  • the products comply with specified quality levels and to be delivered on time, to the lowest cost possible
  • all employees partake in an ongoing, customer-driven improvement work
  • we stay focused on what needs to be done, and avoiding previous mistakes
  • goals should be clear and measurable, and guide the improvement process

We promote the conservation of natural resources and thus contribute to sustainable environmental plan. The main points being the purchase and use of chemicals, waste management and transportation issues.

The working environment must be well adapted to its purpose, create a good atmosphere and minimize work related accidents. Our goal is to create a better work environment than what is required by laws and regulations.

We should strive to continuously improve ourselves in all areas by;

  • complying with environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements applying to us
  • taking measures when quality is non-optimal
  • defining and communicating roles of responsibility
  • working according to standards SS-EN ISO 9001:2008, SS-EN 14001:2004 and the law of systematic working environment

Our products and services must instill a feeling of safety and reliability in order to gain the customer’s trust.

Our policy of quality, work environment and natural environment must be broadcasted to all employees, contractors and external stakeholders by newsletters or references to our website. Policy and quality system applies for the whole company group.


ISO 9001
ISO 140013 4