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historyIn 1945, The Royal Aerospace administration (Kungliga Flygförvaltningen) began aircraft manufacturing and repair operations in Arboga, a small industrial city in the heart of the expansive Mälardalen region in Sweden.

The name Arboga has its origin in the medieval Swedish language, meaning arbuga, ”bend of the river”. Here, by the gentle flow of the stream, the Swedish Parliament first assembled back in 1435. Arboga was already a busy community in the 11th century, as the river gave the town a trade route to Stockholm and the rest of the world.

By 1960, the first repairs to jet engines were performed for the aircraft industry when the Swedish Armed Forces (Försvarsmakten) had their aircrafts repaired and maintained here.

In the late 1990s when Volvo Aero restructured its operations and relocated to Trollhättan, Recotech changed direction from jet engines to primarily steam and gas turbines.

But the craftsmanship that dealt with the great stresses demanded by the aircraft industry did not disappear. The know-how and experience are still, 40 years later, a big part of our heritage and as a company, evolving through long lasting relations.